This ROI calculator is designed to provide insight into the benefits of an individual management strategy for commercial sheep producers. 

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1. Your Flock

As a starting point, adjust the following base-level information to reflect your flock and the current market.

2. DSE Rating

These default settings can be used as a guide, or adjusted as required.

Weaning Percentage Target You
How many lambs were weaned per ewe % %
How many ewes are required if my weaning rate is aligned to the Target / (lambs weaned divided by weaning %)
How many additional ewes are you carrying?
What is surplus value of the additional ewes I am carrying? $
DSE Rating Target You
Total DSE
What if Scenarios
Total Ewes
Less the under-performing
Plus half as many better performing
The number of performing ewes is now
Lambs weaned (using the Target weaning percentage)
Potential Revised DSE Rating
Total DSE
Return on Investment
Value of Increased Productivity (increased number of lambs) $
Reduced operating costs (reduced number of ewes) $
Total Potential Increased Profit (Per Year) $