At Agribusiness Concepts, we ask you 4 questions.

1. What does success look like?

Let’s think about what the ideal result looks like - If a new approach works for you, what could you achieve? HINT: quite often we don't have the answer and it's only when someone asks us that we are prompted to explore and come up with a new solution.


2. What problem needs solving?

A problem well understood is 90% solved, so let us explore and better understand the issue.


3. What do we stop doing?

A hard one - we are very good at giving ourselves another job.
What tasks, that upon review, do not contribute enough.


4. What else should I know? Is there an elephant in the room?

The story is relayed where the chair of a significant publicly listed entity says to his CEO “tell me what I don’t want to know”.
Quite clearly the question is framed in such a way that the CEO can openly communicate the issues that are uncomfortable, but when placed on the agenda, are resolved and make a fundamental difference to the organisation’s performance.