The conversation around Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) has been both extensive and emotional - the heightened threat has exposed a number of concerns and, if I may summarise a potential impact:

  • Economically - $100bn

  • Socially - I don't want to go there, observations from the UK in 2001 were enough

  • Environmentally - The concept of disposing ‘000s bodies, I'll also leave that one alone

The social media conversation is quite extensive with wide ranging contributions from all participants. Add to that the uncertainty the recent volatility in livestock markets.

The Federal Government has communicated its response and initiatives, so if we allow people do their jobs, we as producers can focus on what we can influence or more colloquially, keep your head while others lose theirs.

I have taken a liberty to rephrase the take outs from a recent post by Tom Bull from Lamb Pro and added a couple more points:

1. Understand the numbers, specifically your cost of production 

2. Do the basics really well, ask what you do well, do more of it, build the business drivers 

3. Identify, understand and assess risk focus In an environment characterised by volatility there will be opportunity

4. Recognise and play what’s in front

5. Let others do their job, its a community effort

6. Back yourself

 Set goals, define what success looks like, and go for it.