The investment in genetics, sheep, cattle and Wagyu powers ahead. 

A challenge for you: do we make the high level investment in genetics or do we make an equal value investment in management skills?

Is it an and / or conversation?

The emphasis should be on where is our quantifiable return on investment.

An investment in skills and capability will make sure we take advantage of the investments in genetics we are making. 

Too often we are disappointed that the expected gain we are hoping for did not materialise.

Simply put, if you're not willing to invest in management processes that take advantage of high-value genetics, you are wasting your own money and someone else's time.

Before you make any sort of investment, consider what is necessary to achieve your desired outcome. Take a step back and ask yourself, what’s it going to take to make any investment work and achieve the outcome you are looking for? 

Take a look at your business or ask someone else to take a look, there's a fair chance they will see what is hidden in plain sight.

Consider the systems and processes you've invested in to understand your business drivers. Is it clear?  Lastly, establish metrics with the appropriate lead indicators that will help you track progress towards meeting your objectives.

What does the successful outcome look like? With a clear vision of success, we can establish the right processes to help us achieve it, operating with discipline and a focus on operational excellence to help us get there.