Back in November 2021, I offered to help with harvest by driving a chaser bin for a client of mine. I arrived to be presented with a tractor cab that was spotless. Behind the hydraulic controls was a dust cloth. You often ask yourself, ‘how do you set the culture you want to communicate to others?’. For this farming operation, a simple dust cloth indicated “so this is how this place rolls”, and nothing ever had to be said for the standards to be set. 

Culture is a commonly shared belief. What’s acceptable, what’s unacceptable? Determine what’s right and wrong. Farm culture is an important part of every farming operation, be it in the Namoi Region in NSW or world wide. If I asked you to describe your farm culture, what words would you use? Would you discuss your traditions, your farm habits or your mission and values? Or would you say “we just get the work done”? 

The culture of an organisation is critical to success or failure, it doesn’t need to be stated or written, it just is. For this client, the culture was in the cloth. Rather than leave the culture to chance, our client was intentional about the culture they wanted to build. By providing the items and tools that may be overlooked when busy, our client showed his staff and contractors that he cared. 

It takes effort to create and maintain a positive work environment and culture, especially in rural industries when everyone is busy. At Agribusiness Concepts, we are not about profit, yes, it's an outcome. We are about a holistic solution to your everyday problems that flow into better processes, systems, culture AND profit.