Agriculture is awash with technology and innovation. Investing in AgTech has become one of the most significant decisions we can make given the increasing volatility of the environment we operate in.

When it comes to deciding what AgTech to adopt, farmers are spoilt for choice, which can create an overwhelming conversation with a number of questions to consider:

  • What do I need?

  • Why do I need it?

  • How will I implement it? 

Of these questions, the one concerning implementation is often the hardest. Why? It requires a change in not only culture, but also capability. 

This challenge results in frustration, having made an investment that you can’t reap the benefits of, or that doesn’t meet your expectations. While you might feel disappointed by seeing no change, wondering ‘why did I bother?’, there are simple steps you can take to make your experience of investing in AgTech more positive. 

Before you take up a piece of software, first set your expectations of what it will deliver. For example:

“I expect this investment to:

  1. Increase productivity

  2. Generate a profit 

  3. Improve communication 

  4. Save time through increased efficiency”

How do we get to these outcomes?

  1. Define the expected outcome

  2. Consider the resources you will need, focusing on human capability, skills and willingness to adapt

  3. Seek assistance where required

  4. Define the process to achieving outcomes and provide good instructions 

Setting expectations for yourself, and with the AgTech provider, holds everyone accountable. Setting small steps will aid you to build solid foundations to grow your operations from, with room to develop and test. 

If you can set your expectations, define your success points and determine that taking up AgTech is worth doing, it’s worth doing now. See success from structured implementation and celebrate the wins!